Royalty always brings loyalty – That is the reason you see so many businesses blooming simply on the basis of the customer rapport that they have built in all these years with their customers. It is the repeat business from these customers that keeps them in the market. There are different ways to keep the loyalty in customers high:

1. Loyalty programs- Keep giving their taste buds enough tinge and loyalty points that they can redeem on their next purchase. This will keep them hooked to you and would not go elsewhere.

2. Personal rapport- It is important to keep a personal rapport with the customers so that you keep getting repeat business from them in terms of birthdays, anniversaries, kitty parties and social dinners. This personal rapport will go a long way for you; they would prefer your services to other eating joints in the city.

3. Make everyone a part of it- It is important to make sure you are not leaving anyone behind. So, even if you are using a mobile app to connect with people, make sure it is available on all smart phones. Making it specific to let’s say only iPhones to cater to a certain group of customers may not be good for the growth of your business. Be sure to allow Android customers to have the same benefits.

4. Perk it up for VIPs- This lot of royal customers would account for 40% of your business. They will be your most repeat customers and hence, ensure you give them the treat with some goodies and special offers. In fact, organize social gatherings for them.

5. Remember them as friends- Every time you bill your customers, try to note down their important days like birthdays and anniversaries. Have your staff offer a dessert on their special days and make them feel special. They would love your gesture and even win you bonus tips plus a good word of mouth, which is the best publicity you can ever have.