There is never a perfect start to everything. There are thousands of mobile apps in the market but not all of them are a big hit. Most of the companies spend huge amount of money on these apps but hardly any of them is able to hit the bull’s eye. Therefore, more than the money it actually depends on a well-planned strategy of reaching out to the target audience.
Try the following steps to reach out to your channels:

1. Encompass all your marketing channels – Start jotting down the smallest of the channel from which you can start your marketing- even if it is putting down a small standing sign in front of your store or a banner where it is easily readable and visible.

2.  Email Marketing – Have all the required data in your system and use a good CRM to send the best offers and discounts to your customers. This will keep them informed about the latest and stir their inquisitive appetite to come down and check out your food or service.

3. Positioning – This is clearly the most wanted thing you should never ignore if you want to tap the max of your audience. Position your ad for marketing where it is not only visible to max people but also people have time to read e.g in a waiting room, in a salon. Collaborate with other local businesses to mutually co-host ads/menus.

4. Online video ad- Pictures of your food are great for customers to see your selections. Kick it up a notch and enable online video tour of your services and restaurant. This takes your advertisements to another level, engaging customers to a new and powerful way.

5. Free offer – It’s hard to resist a good deal. Try giving away free samples to promote your food and your mobile app. Customers like to try before the buy. Coupling samples to your app will create a win-win situation for your restaurant and the customers.