It is not really easy starting up a new business, especially one where you need to fiddle with ingredients to satisfy taste buds. The problem is the tastes change with time and therefore, it becomes necessary to be able to sustain your business thru continual updating.

We started off MenuStar some years back and passed through a lot of hiccups because there was nobody to guide us for the same. Working at MenuStar gave us the insights into the struggles that other restaurants are facing themselves and hence, we thought it would be a great idea to bring to you the best ways to manage the odd times but with a smile and heaps of vigor.

1. Talk – Talk to the people whether it has been with uncle Tom or your own friends. Ask for their honest feedback, even if it may be negative.  It’s better to hear it from them than from your customer base. This will save time for your business’s establishment and prevent you tripping over the business potholes.

2. Employee Respect please – Try to gain the mutual respect from your employees by giving them a hint that you are a team player. Try to empathize with them if they are doing something wrongly. Reward them when they do a commendable work and the customer appreciates them. This will market your business well and win several hearts in the process.

3. Read case studies – This might sound really geeky but you would feel the difference once you get to read about the businesses which had a hard time in the initial phases but caught up later. This would also make you feel confident that you are in the game now.

4. Work on the basic frame of the business – Do not overload your business with too many services just to stand out. Keep to the fundamental level so that you get the hang of it before proceeding to the next level. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.