Who does not want a smooth business with minimal bumps the operation? Everyone wants their goods and services to be bought and experienced without any hassles that disrupt their normal routine of selling. Therefore, it is important that we don’t just sell it. We create an experience for the customer so that the selling happens automatically. Being a retailer gives you that opportunity to mould your store in such a way that the customer is able to find what he is expected to look for once he is there.

It all starts with a good signage arrangement:

1. Quality-Make sure you are giving off a high quality food. But more importantly, your restaurant’s visual merchandising should suggest the same too in terms of upkeep and cleanliness.

2. Be innovative but simple – Try to innovate with labels and markings but keep it simple. The innovation should not interfere with the customers’ ability to understand. Run a 3 second test – “will my customer be able to understand this sign in less than 5 seconds?”.

3. Keep the visibility – Basic things like the way to a restroom or the food from your restaurant that is in high demand, should be the first thing in the menu. They should not be looking all the way through your menu for it.

4. Service – Brand your restaurant from your services. That is the best signage you can offer for people to convey a power message of your brand image. The waiter should be prompt to take the order and should be immediately in the vicinity to keep abreast of the customer’s demands while dining.

5. Table calendars – These are a great way to market your years gone by in terms of the events your restaurant has hosted or the celebrities who have visited your restaurant.

6. The wet floors – This is fairly obvious.  However, believe it or not, many restaurants forget about safety during highly busy times. Be sure to keep proper hazard sign displayed at all times, in your restaurant, bathrooms, and outside. The last thing you want is to have a customer’s wonderful dining experience ruined by an accident that can easily be avoided.